Michael's Frozen Custard

Strawberry Banana

We start this refreshing sundae with premium Dole Banana's sliced on top of our award winning vanilla frozen custard. We generously ladle juicy sliced strawberries ready for your spoon to hit the trifecta of flavors. This is your reason to have a guilt free Sundae. 

simply the best

Peanut Butter Fudge Cake

The very first sundae was invented in Two Rivers Wisconsin in 1881.  Michael created this mouth water to die for sundae in 2010 in celebration of the very first sundae created. The richness of our Majestic Hot Fudge on top of our award winning vanilla frozen custard. The double fudge brownies gently resting in the hot fudge drizzled with extra creamy peanut butter. Let this sundae inspire you to create something for generations to come. 

​Caramel Cashew

The smooth award winning vanilla frozen custard melts in your mouth with this delicious sundae. The crunch of the slightly salted cashews followed by the gooey richness of our caramel will be a hit with everybody.

Michael's Famous Turtle Sundae

This is our top selling sundae year after year.  We use rich extremely decadent Majestic hot fudge which will melt in your mouth. Caramel that will bring back your earliest childhood memories of pleasure and those oh so slightly salty pecan half's.  They all rest on our award winning vanilla frozen custard.

Mississippi Mud

Michael's inspiration was to take the Mississippi Mud Pie and turn into a fabulous sundae.  He did just that, starting with our award winning vanilla frozen custard, we add generous amounts of our Majestic Hot Fudge, Crushed Oreo's and it's all topped off with our exclusive salted pecan pieces. Buried deep inside this sundae is a little secret.... coffee flakes.  This heavenly sundae will bring you back to the banks of the mighty Mississippi. 

Cookie Dough & Hot Fudge 

Every kids favorite sundae and even the kid inside every grown up will love this simple combination.   Our award winning vanilla frozen custard, majestic hot fudge and cookie dough chunks.

Hot Fudge Brownie

​One taste of this great combination of Majestic Hot Fudge and double fudge brownies will have every chocolate lover to their knees. It will melt in your mouth with the richness of our award winning vanilla frozen custard. 

Muddy Banana

What better way to have your daily potassium than to smother sliced banana's with our majestic hot fudge. We then top this incredible sundae with crushed Oreo's

Peanut Butter Cup

This oh so extra creamy peanut butter rest on top of our award winning vanilla frozen custard.  We then top it with our secret rich melted liquid chocolate chip. 

Coconut Paradise

Image the cool breeze of the ocean waters as you enjoy this tropical sundae.  It will take you to that place of paradise with sandy beaches and the warmth of the sun.  With our award winning vanilla frozen custard, sliced Dole banana's, piled high with juicy crushed Pineapple and sprinkled with our sweetened flaked coconut. Sit back and enjoy this tropical paradise.